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About Flemminggo

Grown up in a fascinating land where technology and traditionsare discovered into new ideas creating the concept, which is inspired by natural and modern trends.An experience of shopping with giving back to the environment with a minimalistic and sustainable resources-Flemminggo.com.


A fashion lifestyle website that believer’s in are markable consumer requirement by studying the market and mapping consumer’s needs and changes in preferences compelling with latest trends making a statement across the globe.


Flemminggo.com foundered by Belinda and Sarah. The sister duo, have a rich educational background back with more than 18 years of experience of ecommerce, retail and technology.

The duo, came up with the concept which offers sustainable, eco, friendly and hand made products. These are sourced from various Artician’s weavers and startup labels that believe in keeping the environment in mind when approached business.

Conscious Vendors

We value vendors that create, innovate and implement effective policies and activities in the following areas:

Waste reduction

Energy and water savings

Reductions in air emissions

Landscape management

Stewardship of product lifecycle

In doing business with Flemminggo , we will expect vendors to adhere to a certain Environmentally-Friendly Packaging (EFP) process when shipping products to Flemminggo as described below:

EFP consists of the following:

a. Reduced packaging where possible.
b. Logistics efficiency in delivering product.
c. Recyclability of packaging.
d. Use of biodegradable materials in packaging.
e. Use of renewable resources in packaging.

Why GO Green ?

While fast fashion has taken the front row and everyone is busy hoarding on one trend after another, there are a few sustainable fashion brands trying to play the game differently. According to Green Strategy, sustainable fashion is a movement that promotes the production, manufacturing and sale of clothes, shoes and accessories in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. However, sustainable fashion is not just limited to the producers of fashion but also sustainable patterns of consumption and use, which necessitates shifts in individual attitudes and behavior.

Why is sustainable fashion important?

The fashion industry today is a booming multi-million dollar global industry, which effects every human being in either direct or indirect ways. While fashion brands are building their empires, it often comes at a heavy cost. Owing to speedy production and over consumption, the fashion industry has landed itself on an environmentally damaging path, much different than what it was 100 years ago. Hence, the practice of sustainable fashion is extremely essential in order to minimize and make up for the rampant environmental damage caused by the fashion industry before it is too late.